NSW Government launches feasibility study for Prospect Reservoir, while pristine Western Sydney Lakes sits idle. Have your say.

Jacqueline Vozzo
August 22, 2023

The NSW Government has announced it will fast-track a feasibility study that will look at opening Prospect Reservoir up to the public for swimming. 

Prospect Reservoir is one of the backup water supplies for Sydney. While there are already dams across the state that are utilised for both drinking water and recreation, Western Sydney Lakes, a pristine freshwater waterway at the foot of the Blue Mountains is being given little consideration as an alternate swimming spot in Sydney. 

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Western Sydney is calling out for more swimming spots, particularly as we move into what is expected to be one of our hottest summers in years. While Parramatta and surrounds can visit the newly opened Parramatta Aquatic Centre and Lake Parramatta, as you move further west there are fewer options for the community. 

Early investigations by Sydney Water’s Urban Plunge team at the Lakes have already identified that the water quality is primary contact (i.e. suitable for swimming) and after more than 10+ years of consistent testing data, all signs point to the Lakes as the perfect recreation spot for the community. 

The Lakes are a purpose-built pristine series of freshwater waterways, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Mountains. Of the three main large lakes, one is dedicated entirely to the conservation of local flora and fauna and this was gifted to NSW Government in December 2022 (Wildlife Lake), with the other two main lakes intended to be inland water recreational beaches for the community. Prospect Reservoir, by comparison, requires much more work to make it appropriate for community swimming, let alone delivering picturesque surroundings. 

Artist's impression

How do they compare?

Prospect Reservoir Penrith Lakes Beach
Cross Icon Back up Sydney water supply
Tick Icon Purpose built lake (operating for more than 25 years)
Cross Icon Upgrades to water filtration and treatment required
Tick Icon Primary contact water achieved through Sydney Water
Cross Icon No sandy beach
Tick Icon 700m sandy beach available now
Cross Icon 50 Gigalitres
Tick Icon 38 Gigalitres total with a 7 Gigalitres lake built for passive use
Cross Icon Depth of 24m
Tick Icon Depth of 6-8m: accessible safe shallow sand gradient to the clean, fresh, tide-free waters

It's time for the Western Sydney community to be able to cool themselves on those long hot summer days in their own backyard!

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Home to

  • Penrith Whitewater Stadium

  • Sydney International Regatta Centre

  • Castlereagh Conference Centre

  • Great River Walk

In Development

  • Sydney Aerospace Park

  • Nepean Business Park

In Planning

  • Southbank: Retail Precinct

  • The Lakehouse (a lakeside pavilion offering amenities, food, event and public meeting spaces)

  • Golf course

Be a Part of Western Sydney Lake’s Future

Penrith Beach

Opening Tuesday, 19th Dec 2023


We're so excited to open Penrith Beach, where people of all ages and backgrounds can safely enjoy the water for free. If you have any questions please refer to our questions answered section below, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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