Our Vision

Different, by nature. Where life happens.

Western Sydney Lakes will serve the recreational needs of Western Sydney, and beyond.

Set across 2000 hectares, 330 hectares have been earmarked for redevelopment that will increase employment and deliver recreational and tourism opportunities within Western Sydney.

Western Sydney Lakes has a multiphased strategy across four recreational destinations. Phase One includes Southbank and the Production Precinct.

A unique western waterfront, combining the best that a harbour foreshore and beachfront has to offer.

We grow together and start new stories.

The Southbank precinct offers a refreshing climate for people to play, work, relax and visit with access to freshwater and a panoramic backdrop to the Blue Mountains.

The precinct has the potential to start with Country and offers a variety of destinations and open spaces that are supported and enhanced by sustainable mixed use urban development.

The site offers the opportunity to acquire, develop and operate a luxury retail and waterfront dining precinct of commanding scale, something that has been difficult to unlock and acquire in the Sydney market over the recent years.

Western Sydney Lakes represents a prominent precinct earmarked for pivotal business, entertainment and leisure district for Western Sydney and beyond.

Where life happens. A place for nature, community and commerce.

This is a storied place. Home to a diverse community of people and proud cultures. With many tales to tell, of today, and of days gone by. Together, we’re writing the story of what comes next.

A new world-class production precinct for Australia

We have the opportunity to deliver a unique 29 hectare waterfront site that will develop the future of film and television production in Australia.

Benefitting from the dynamism of Western Sydney and the natural beauty of a place like no other.

Locate where supporting businesses and incentives are plentiful, all the while being spoilt for choice of filming locations.

A place like no other

In the west, where the mountains meet the river, natural and human worlds rise up together with open and abundant space for all to grow, make and unearth the fullness of life.

A thriving culture and commerce in the West. Where rare opportunities are made real by a diverse community.

Home to

  • Penrith Whitewater Stadium

  • Sydney International Regatta Centre

  • Castlereagh Conference Centre

  • Great River Walk

In Development

  • Sydney Aerospace Park

  • Nepean Business Park

In Planning

  • Southbank: Retail Precinct

  • The Lakehouse (a lakeside pavilion offering amenities, food, event and public meeting spaces)

  • Golf course

Be a Part of Western Sydney Lake’s Future

Penrith Beach

Opening Tuesday, 19th Dec 2023


We're so excited to open Penrith Beach, where people of all ages and backgrounds can safely enjoy the water for free. If you have any questions please refer to our questions answered section below, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Note: You must pre-book your FREE parking pass in advance.

For Updates and News:

We acknowledge the traditional custodians, the Darug Peoples, of the land on which Western Sydney Lakes is located.

We respect their enduring cultural and spiritual connection to this special place, most notably characterised by the Nepean waterways and the Blue Mountains escarpment. We will work in a respectful manner with Aboriginal people in Caring for Country and aim to celebrate Aboriginal history, culture, customs and beliefs.